Arduino Remote Lockout

blog post

An Arduino project I built to design a Sram AXS like remote lockout system for my mountain bike.

UCSC Portal Enrollment Bot

A short python script I wrote using gecko to automatically enroll the users into classes through the UCSC portal. (Still in development)

Menu bar todo

github + blog post
A lightweight agenda app that lives in your menu bar. (Still in development)


Hi! I am a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, pursuing a major in Computer Science. In my free time I enjoy riding and working on bicycles, playing badminton, and scrolling through social media. Currently, I am looking for a software engineering internship for 2021.

Some of my favorite courses I've taken have been CSE 30 (Programming Abstractions in Python), CSE 16 (Discrete Math), CSE 12 (Assembly Language and Computer Systems), CSE 13 (Embedded Systems and C Programming), and STAT 131 (Introduction to Probability Theory).