in person

Sep 21, 2021
Kinda weird to be going back to in person classes. One class will be 30 people and once a week which seems fine but computer networking is a 150 person class 3 times a week… Yikes.


Sep 10, 2021
I don’t understand anti-maskers. I don’t understand pro-lifers. But what I REALLY don’t understand is how some people manage to be both pro-lifers and anti-maskers. Just a thought.

screen real estate

Aug 5, 2021
It’s crazy to me that in the Bay Area, everyone will pack housing so close together that the aerial view looks more like a box of sardines than a group of cities. Still I see engineers using macs with their docks maximized taking up 20% of the bottom of the screen. What’s the dock even good for? What does it add? How does it improve your workflow? Maybe it’s the vim user in me but taking your hands off of the keyboard is sinful and should be avoided as much as possible.

coming soon

Aug 2, 2021
I have ideas for what I’m going to write here but no time to write them down.